Introducing Capita SmartMATE – Smart Machine Assisted Translation Engine

Welcome to SmartMATE

SmartMATE, by Capita, is a revolutionary, one-stop, machine assisted translation platform, combining the best of Translation Memory, Terminology and Machine Translation technologies, to produce high quality automated translations. Accessible through the fully managed, secure MT offering with dedicated access to Capita’s experienced Language Technology team, or instantly online through the state of the art Capita Self-Serve MT software.

SmartMATE offers integration of translation memories, glossary management, personalised machine translation engine builds, and access to a concurrent user editing suite – all in one easy to use platform.

Unlike other machine translation environments that are designed for use by the general public and language services providers, SmartMATE is designed to be used by organisations that want all the benefits of Machine Translation but without the data security risks.  Capita, which works with a large number of government organisations and financial institutions is at the forefront of data security so is ideally placed to ensure that your intellectual property remains safe and secure.

There are 2 options available to you:

Capita Managed MT – The secure, customised and fully supported Model

  • fully managed, highly secure, customised MT
  • through (SAAS) / API / or on-site installation
  • purpose built translation and language models
  • full MT roll out plan, and on-going performance reporting and maintenance
  • customised pricing plan
  • advanced technical support

Capita Self-Serve MT – The ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Model

  • self managed MT
  • through (SAAS) only
  • pre-paid monthly plan
  • basic support


Call or email us and let a member of our team know you are interested in SmartMATE.

UK: +44(0)845 367 7000
US: +1(800) 579 5010