SmartMATE by Capita Translation and interpreting

Welcome to SmartMATE

SmartMATE is the software toolkit created by Capita TI that creates, manages and hosts MT engines, solutions and services. Finely tuned on our client’s data, SmartMATE engines can be used as an additional productivity tool in the localization process, as well as used to produce a fully automated translation used for gisting purposes.

Based on the MOSES statistical machine translation model, SmartMATE has been developed as a secure environment, offering customers a viable and cost-effective alternative to publicly available machine translation solutions. Our Language Technology department at Capita TI has many years’ experience in building both generic and highly customised MT engines for a variety of clients across many different domains. By combining any data available from our clients with our own in-domain corpora, we can build high quality engines that are capable of producing more focused automated translations.

Call or email us and let a member of our team know you are interested in SmartMATE.

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